Glasses Stanislav Libensky 69


Libensky 69 b

Limited reissue of the unique drinking service designed by prof. Stanislav Libenský called Stockholm in 1969

Exclusive and the only available set designed by the Bohemian glass legends

Glass for every occasion

“In the years 1968 -1972 was built by Jan Bočan, Jan Sramek and Zdenka Rothbauer building of the Czechoslovak embassy in Stockholm. The architects chose the couple Libenský-Brychtová for completion of the interior and this couple of glassmakers created in this building melted glass sculptures, objects and light structural wall. Stanislav Libensky designed exclusively for this particular environment a drinking set called Stockholm. The original design proposal of six-drinking set is from 1969, actual implementation took place in a limited series in the former enterprise Carlsbad glass (Moser) in Karlovy Vary in 1972. It is a collection of goblets and ground-blown crystal glass. Destiny of the drinking glasses from Stockholm embassy is unknown, the Czech Republic are some glasses from the is the original set used at Mrs. Brychtová home and one set in the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec (which was exhibited at many prestigious exhibitions at home and abroad), “he said Mgr. O. Palata, curator and one of the greatest experts of Libensky work.

Drinking service contains six glasses: for white and red wine, water, whiskey, liqueur and champagne. Each glass has got signature brand SL 69 and is numbered. In this edition is issued only 500 copies.

Profit from sales is donated to support Stanislav Libenský Award. It is awarded annually for the best graduate student work Czech and foreign universities.

Glasses are hand-made, blown into a wooden mold, it means that each piece is an original. Absolute emphasis is on the quality of the glasses. Drinking service passes multistage strict quality control. Service is available in a luxury gift box designed by Jan Činčera.

Exceptional opportunity for connoisseurs of design, terrific complements your interior, quality service for daily use.

For more information please contact the Prague Gallery of Czech Glass, exclusive dealers and owners of these styles of glasses.

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